Duckworld Smart Adventures

From Juli 2014 till Juli 2015 I worked on the in-game animations and the in-game cinematics for Duckworld Smart Adventures. An educational game in the Donald Duck universe. In this game you will visit Ducksburg and you will be able to go on adventures and play a lot of mini games. The production of Duckworld was done at Sanoma and the client is off course Disney.

This is the TV commercial showing a few of my animations and the animations by Polder Animations, the studio who made the high-ress cinematic's for the marketing. I am planning to post a new video soon showing a bit more of the in-game animations.

Click here or on the logo to go to the Duckworld website. The target group is kids around six to twelve years old. The game is just in Dutch for now. I will try to post it on my blog as soon as this changes.





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