Klik! Animation festival leader 2010

This is de censored version for the Klik! Animation festival leader for 2010. I worked on this project as a freelancer after my  intership at House of Secrets. I animated the half naked lady. Her breast where simulated, I had nothing to do with how they bounce, before you ask ;)


Production: House of Secrets

Created and directed: Bobby de Groot, Sven Neve, Arjan van Meerten

Additional 3D artist: Percy Tienhooven

Additional Td: Jean-Paul Tossings

Music and Sound design: Lea Jurida (FC Walvisch)

Animators: Nanda van Dijk, Kasper Ophof, Frian Lit, Ruud Renting, Loes Vrielink, Gurkan Yilmaz, Cihan Gultas

Camera: Mladen Vekic

Camera assistant: Boudewijn Rolff

Boom operator: Menno Vermeulen

Actor: Sander Kamermans


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